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Foggy Plastic Headlight Kits

Foggy plastic headlight kits are great for the person who wants their car to continue to look showroom new long after it’s driven off the dealer’s lot. One of the details that makes a car look older or more used is headlights that have gone foggy and cloudy.

The causes for these conditions are environmental: road salt, dirt, debris, and most of all ultraviolet sunlight. All these contaminants act on plastic headlights to make them cloudy, yellow, and foggy. If you restore your headlights to their original crystal clear condition, you’ll make your car look like new again.

Alternative to Foggy Plastic Headlight Kits: DIY

You don’t have to buy one of the many available foggy headlight restoration kits to restore your headlights, but it is the easiest way to do so. You can use wet, fine-grit sandpaper to sand the layers of oxidation of the headlights using soapy water, and then polish out any scratches and add a protective coating to your headlights with a soft cloth.

But many people prefer the convenience of a kit where all the supplies are included. Kits include polishing pads, one or two types of headlight cleaner, headlight polish, and usually some sort of protective coating that is sprayed or wiped on. Some kits include a soft polishing rag for maintenance as well.

Alternative to Foggy Plastic Headlight Kits: Headlight Replacement

If you check on the cost of replacing just one headlight, you’ll probably conclude that you’d like to try one of the foggy plastic headlight restoration kits first. Replacing an entire headlight assembly for just one headlight can cost hundreds of dollars. But foggy headlight restoration kits start at under $20.

The most expensive kits cost around $100, and they contain enough of the necessary products to restore many headlights. One of these kits could be shared between neighbors or friends since restored headlights that are properly maintained should remain clear and clean for several years.

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