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How To Maintain Your JVC Car Stereo

A car needs a lot of maintenance and upkeep, but have you ever thought about the maintenance a car stereo needs? It’s key to longevity and the maintenance of quality sound that you look after your JVC stereo by keeping your equipment clean and in working order.

CD Maintenance

With a Car JVC CD player, the first thing you need to know about continuous maintenance is how to look after your discs when in use as it cannot only break your favorite CD but severely damage your beloved JVC stereo.

When you take out a CD always be gentle with the CD and lift it out with ease by holding the disc in the center (the center holder) and at the edges, without touching the recording surface. After use always store it away in its case. Keeping your CDs in a good state will mean your car stereo is in no danger of getting any errors or problems caused by faulty CDs.

Dirty discs are also a common cause of errors in JVC car stereos, they often cause the CD to stop playing and nothing more, but doing this continuously may mean your stereo has to work far harder. It’s good practice to clean your CD with a dry cloth that is soft from the center straight out to the edge in a straight line.

Furthermore, always know exactly what discs you are allowed and not allowed to play. There should be an allocated chapter in your manual that shows you which discs you can and cannot use. Obviously, warped and severely damaged discs (especially with sticky marks) cannot be used as they will cause damage to your car stereo, either causing it to break or decrease its lifespan.

Connectors Maintenance

Disconnecting your stereo will eventually cause your connectors to decline performance-wise. It is recommended by car manufacturers that you regularly wipe the connectors with a cloth with a drop of alcohol upon it. Do this very softly and you should not damage the connectors.

Lens Maintenance

The lens in the car has particular problems with moisture, caused by humid conditions or the heating, which may in turn cause the stereo to malfunction. When this occurs manufacturers recommend that you take the CD out using the correct method and leave the stereo on until the moisture has evaporated.

Maintaining your JVC stereo is vital to keep your stereo and CDs in working order and enhancing its lifespan. Always look in the manual before you complete any maintenance. For JVC car stereos, a manual comes with the Stereo and can be found on their website as well.

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